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M A R I T I M E   E X P E R I E N C E   &   Q U A L I T Y

phone:  +48 91 4536453  mobile: +48 602609542 fax: +48 91 4536453  e‘mail: office@mate.com.pl
  Szczecin,   Poland



Mate Maritime Agency(MMA)commenced full operations in June 1991
as one of the first privately ownedshipping agencies in Poland.

Located in Szczecin, harbour city on the Northwest edge of Poland…
In the Euroregion POMERANIA which extends over three areas: the Northwest of Poland, the South of Sweden and the Northeast of Germany.
The area covers 3.9 million inhabitants and 49,000 km².

Easy accessible via air, land and sea routes.

Many years of experience and professional Mate Maritime Agency staff, including Captains & Chief Engineers, from very beginning provide fast and effective assistance 
for every Owner and/or Ship Manager of vessel calling to Polish ports.


“a shipmate does understand excellently another shipmate on the vessel lying in port”.
No order is too small or too big for us…

MMA as port and protecting agent in all Polish ports provides complex services for vessel/cargo/crew, e.g. arrival/departure clearance, freight forwarding, stevedoring, berthing, pilotage and towage arrangements, medical assistance and crew repatriation.
On request we supply the vessel with provisions and bunkers, arrange surveys.
At harbour and shipyard.
MMA  Port & Protecting Agent for various type and size of vessels with different cargoes.
Our service is available round the clock.


MMAs – Technical Department.
Through our alliance with companies and manufacturers both in Poland and abroad
we arrange a wide range of services including ship repair/maintenance, steel works,
dry docking, technical equipment/spares supply, voyage repair teams etc...

We follow ISSA rules.
Delivery orders are prepared according to IMPA, ISSA, Unitor and other catalogues.
ISO 9001:2000 is being introduced in Mate Maritime Agency.

Every one can feel comfortable as Mate Maritime Agency makes agreed
delivery happen.

We operate in foreign ports too, if the order demanding.


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